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August 08, 2016

How Designers & Artists Get Inspiration From Everyday Life

Great designers and artists know where to look for inspiration. They don’t have to go to showrooms or museums every time they need an idea. They learn how to be keen observers. They know how to find inspiration in the everyday.

Designers find inspiration and creativity in the streets, in music, in movies, and by watching people. They see the inspiration all around them, they become the inspiration. A ball of creativity.

"Whether It Be Personal Or Musical, I Just Think I'm A Walking Art Piece, Just A Ball Of Creativity." ~Chris Brown

How can you use inspiration from the every day like a designer?

Work Your Way To Creative Thinking

“You don’t think your way to creative work. You work your way to creative thinking.” George Nelson

How? By becoming a master observer. Start to notice what is around you. Look at your city like you are visiting it for the first time. What do you see? What would someone else see? What sounds do you hear? What colors POP out at you? Don’t take anything too literally. Realize that what stands out to you can be transferred across mediums and translated in different ways.

A fashion designer, for instance, may see some graffiti on the nearest wall and turn the boldest colors into a fabulous hat like this one: Color Block Nautical Hat. Or see a sunset over the desert and think, “What a great printed tee.”

Make Your Statement

Art makes a statement whether it is the clothes you wear or a painting hanging on the wall. An artist has a statement in mind that he or she wants to make. The Black Pyramid collection is nautical and sports inspired with a splash of street. Wearers make the statement that you can be hip and chill all at the same time.

Designers know that elf-expressions is crucial in their art. Their art is a part of them and makes a statement about who they are, how they feel, and what they do. Discover the emotion you want to convey with your art and express that.

“True artistic expression lies in conveying emotion.”  Angel Haze

Question Everything Around You

Something that the elements above have in common is questions. Question what you see. Question your emotions and your statement. Why did that designer combine navy with green? Why did that artist use that particular angle for his landscape. Why did she write “declaration” instead of “articulation?” There can be slight nuances behind what an artist does that he or she may not even be aware of. But, by observing and questioning, you can fuel your own creativity and method of expression.

Expand your view by looking beyond the obvious. And know that there will always be more questions.

“A piece of art is never a finished work. It answers a question which has been asked, and asks a new question.” Robert Engman

Whether you express yourself through what you wear or what you paint, through what you write or what you create, stay curious. See every new day as an opportunity to find the inspiration that fuels your life.
July 31, 2016

10 New Style Trends To Look Out For This Fall

“Fashion is more about feel than science.” Pharrell Williams

A new season brings a fresh start and the chance to freshen up your wardrobe. With Fall coming quickly upon us, it is a great time to dive into the coming trends and make sure you’re are looking fly and have your clothes on point. Go ahead and express yourself!

Check Out These 10 Up and Coming Fall Style Trends…

Tan Is In

We are seeing various shades of tan from khaki to beige to camel. Jackets, pants, shirts, nothing is off limits from this color phase. Black Pyramid is taking the shade and adding a classic camo pattern so you can be cool while feeling incognito. Check out this multi-layered beige tee.

Bomber Jackets

Bombers make for a great and practical addition to your wardrobe. We’re seeing bombers in every color from blue to black to, yes- tan. Throw them on with your classic blue jeans or black denim shorts to keep it super chill. We saw bombers on the runways with shorts so don’t be afraid to mix the two.

Puff Coats

While we’re on outerwear another popular choice is the puff coats or jackets. You can dress this trend up over a suit by going with a metallic sheen. Or you could stick with a matte brown for a more muted look. It’s like being in a bubble of pillowy protection.

Pink And Red

Vogue says “Real Men Wear Pink” this Fall and it is being paired with red. It’s a bold but fun and bright combo that will shake things up. From shirts to jackets to shoes, this pop of color is about to hit everywhere. Try this Color Blocked Woven Pattern in Red


The space age has come to planet earth. After all, who doesn’t want to look like a futuristic robot! You can go full force with a jacket pant set or keep it on the top with a shiny chrome-like bomber. You will be shining so bright lookers will need glasses to shade from all that hotness.

Artsy Feel

Mixed mediums meet fashion in an unexpected way. From colorful “fish scales” type patterns to sweater knits and small tassels, really anything goes here. The key is to try a garment with a variety of materials on one piece like this Souvenir Pocket Tee. Check out the shiny sleeves against a traditional base.

Kitsch It

Another way to wear art is with Kitsch style. It’s your chance to be “garish” and get away with it. Strut your stuff in obsessively patterned and printed pieces. This is not the time to hold back. Yellow, blue, purple, and green? Go ahead and Mix them all!


Ready to feel like royalty? If artsy is not really your thing and you feel more like prince charming, you’re in luck because the regal look has reached us mere mortals. Military style jackets with gold emblems or red stripes certainly level up any wardrobe. Navy with white as a nautical touch.

Track Suits

Are we reliving the 80’s? Sort of with the stylish track suits that are coming out. Athleisure has been making its way through the streets for a while. The Fall suits are a bit different adding leather decals or funky, retro patterns. Another way to wear red is with a jacket pant set.

Wild West

From horses and their horseshoes to midwestern stripes and cowhide looks. Tassels, jean overalls, and plaid. If it looks country western than it is probably being worn this season. So, grab your ripped jeans, add a plaid shirt, and get your hoedown on! If you really want to go all out, throw on your cowboy hat too.

Whether you are the artsy kind of guy, futuristic, colorful, regal, or country this season holds a bit of something for everyone. Try some new styles, mix it up, and hit the streets with your spirits high.

July 13, 2016

From Tees To Denim - Must Have Featured Styles from Black Pyramid

Tees, jackets, denim, and hats! Black Pyramid has essential items for your wearing pleasure by bringing street art to your wardrobe. Black Pyramid fashion makes a statement. It makes a statement about who you are and your unique form of expression.

The Black Pyramid collection is built with a community of artists in fashion, music,   sports, and design in mind. It’s about global connection and personal expression. It’s a way to evolve through creative expressions.

We encourage you to explore the whole online shop to find the pieces that you connect with. But, here are some popular pieces to check out:

Mixed Stripe Tee Multi Color

Mixed Striped Tee - Black Pyramid

So little time, so many tees. Summer just would not be complete without some pops of fabulously bold color. The Mixed Stripe Tee fits the build. It’s a mood booster that you will never be tired of wearing. Yellow, orange, red, green, purple, and teal meet the classics of black and white. Pair it with some black jeans or board shorts. Or some colored ones for an even bolder look. Then hit the streets knowing you are adding color to people’s lives.

Fishtail Hooded Jacket Camo

Camo Jacket - Black Pyramid

Sometimes you just need a fly cover up to knock off the chill. Black ops meets streetwear. The Fishtail Hooded Camo Jacket has your incognito fantasies covered. And we know you have them. Pockets to store all your “black ops” supplies and a hood to keep your hair dry on those rainy days. The classic camo pattern goes with any kind of pants you want to rock. And, the inner lining will keep you just the right amount of HOT!

Ripped Knee-Hole Denim Shorts

Ripped Denim Black Shorts - Black Pyramid

Forget the uptight khakis, these black denim shorts will help you keep your cool. The distressed look is in because it helps us not take life too seriously. And these high-quality jean shorts bring the detail. Get that lived in look from the beginning with no wait time because who wants to distress their own jeans! Pair these with one of the “Out Here Ballin” tees.

Pyramid Text Hat Black

Black Flat Rimmed Hate - Black Pyramid

If you really want to go all out with the Black Pyramid collection, then you will want to sport one of the signature hats. Look fly and keep the sun out of your eyes. It’s a win-win! The stitched on details add an element of dimension to the this Pyramid Hat, or you could try our Triad version for a neon explosion. These hats are one size fits all which makes ordering a breeze.

There’s More To Explore

With a full assortment of your favorite cut-and-sew tops, bottoms, outerwear, tees, and accessories, explore the most recent offerings from Black Pyramid. The collection is always expanding, so be sure to check back often and follow the social media accounts for styling inspiration.

In the words of Chris Brown himself,

“Smile and carry on. It’ll drive your haters nuts.”

May your street style be ever on point!

Don’t forget to show off your looks on Twitter or Instagram #blackpyramid #teambreezy

June 29, 2016

The Rise of Chris Brown's Black Pyramid Clothing Brand

Grammy winning musical artist Chris Brown joined Pink + Dolphin founders, Cena Barhaghi and Neima Khaila, in launching his Black Pyramid line back in November of 2012. The launch happened at Pink Dolphin’s flagship store in Los Angeles. Fans lined up outside to get a first peek where Chris himself greeted fans and signed merchandise wearing a Black Pyramid t-shirt and yellow cap. He fist bumped a young fan in between signings and drew a funny character on the whiteboard before getting flashed by all the cameras. Check Out the Video Here.

Pink Dolphin had been clothing celebrities in their summer street wear for years after being founded by a high-school student in 2008. Each season, Pink Dolphin prints limited quantity logos that wearers couldn't wait to snatch up. Chris Brown was excited to add the Black Pyramid logo to their mix. Chris and the founders at Pink Dolphin became friends over a previous video collaboration with Big Sean, so it seemed like a great match. Chris said, “Doing this collab with Pink Dolphin seemed like only the right thing to do because we’ve been friends from the jump.”

Both Chris Brown and Pink Dolphin want their brands to be seen as high fashion and worn by the people. Not just reserved for the skater crowd. Pink + Dolphin’s slogan is “Legends At Our Craft.” Chris has become a legend in his own right as a musician and is sure to represent the brand fabulously. The collaboration was obvious in the first few pieces of the launch including a grey hoodie that had pink dolphins jumping out of a black pyramid. Since the 2012 first look, there have been new additions to the line. 2016, however, looks to be the year the Black Pyramid becomes a fully birthed brand with the official site officially open.

Art And Style Evolve

Brown even signed with the modeling agency Wilhelmina Modeling to further expand his brand and fashion ideals saying,

"Art and style has always played a significant role in my life -- it's evolved with me throughout my career..." Us Weekly

Chris has explained that he chose the name of his line and brand to display the mystery behind fashion. Reminiscent of the ancient wonders of the Egyptian pyramids.

“The black pyramid label is basically an unknown art. We really haven’t mastered the art of making a pyramid ourselves, like the ancient ones, so it’s kinda like an unknown art. So I think my painting, my designs, whatever I do fashion wise is unknown to a lot of people.” Chris Brown

Just like Chris’s life has evolved into fatherhood, more albums, tours, and other creative ventures, his style continues to evolve, as well. There is even an Instagram account dedicated to the subject: officialchrisbrownfashion. The official Black Pyramid account just hit over 100k followers. You can also explore the hashtag #BlackPyramid

From the color block pieces to the classic black and white, there is likely something in this expanding line for any streetwear lover. There is the Black Surf Pyramid for the beach goers along with new arrivals like the purple and pink International Wave Boys shirt.

Word On The Street aka Twitter

Chris Brown is really stepping it up with his Black Pyramid clothing line. Everything looks so dope and colorful! @Maurice5589

I want every piece of Black Pyramid clothing. @AustinBogar1

And Trill Kitty says, #BlackPyramid it's more than clothes, it's a lifestyle  ft. @chrisbrown  

And then there’s the pop up stores that have fans excited…

I just found out that @chrisbrown Will have a pop up store for  #BlackPyramid 11th june at ziggo dome @TeamBreezyNL via @PearlBrownie

Where do you think Black Pyramid Styles will go next?

June 01, 2016

Introducing the New Black Pyramid Collection by Chris Brown

The recently launched Black Pyramid Collection is an ode to progressive style. And, we would expect nothing less in a collection by style Icon Chris Brown. The line is inspired by a variety of subcultures, technology, and how we live everyday life. It is contemporary streetwear that stays true to Chris’s eclectic lifestyle and fashion sense. Chris’s career consists of singing, dancing, songwriting, and acting. He knows about the need for clothes that allow you to move, to create and has taken that vision and designed a collection for all of us creative types.

Driven by an international community of tastemakers in fashion, art, music, sport, design, and technology, Black Pyramid is a symbol for global connection, expression, and evolving street style.”

The Black Pyramid Collection is where art, design, sport, and technology meet. says, “The Black Pyramid label is inspired by Chris Brown’s art and is loved by fans of street art and street style.”

Forget those stuffy fashion lines. Black Pyramid even makes classic polo shirts look cool. This fashion collection allows you access to the creative mind of one of the most celebrated artists, Mr. Chris Brown himself.

“I didn’t want to do a skater line. That’s not what my brand is about. It’s more of a lifestyle/art/street art….Black Pyramid is the unknown art.” ~Chris Brown

The Black Pyramid Online Space

The new website launched with all this in mind. The site is fun and engaging with all the looks and possibilities that you can explore. And, it keeps the focus on what’s important...that fabulous streetwear. You can easily check out the New Arrivals to see the latest styles on the scene. Or, check out the Look Book for your style inspiration. The looks, as captured by Emanuele D’Angelo, are set against the classic and iconic backdrop of the Sheats Goldstein residence in Beverly Hills.

Be sure to check out the Instagram Feed for your look inspiration too! #BlackPyramid

What To Check Out?

Tees, hoodies, jackets, denim, pants, hats...Galore!

How about a classic denim jacket with the unique Black Pyramid logo patch on the sleeve? Also comes in camo. Overalls are back in black or classic blue. Distressed denim makes it’s way back around too in blue or grey. For the prepster who has some street smarts, the polos in blue, mint, and salmon are a sure hit.

Want a distinct look that will have others saying, “I wish I thought of that.”? Then the “Hybrids” are for you! Comfy on the top, classic denim on the bottom. Then there are the team jerseys for the sports lovers and board shorts for the wannabe surfers.

Up and coming?...

Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Get ready for an active summer of fun in the sun. High performance meets nautical flare! It’s like the high fashion street style of New York had a baby with the laid back style of LA and Beverly Hills.

Take a classic red, white, and blue pattern and throw in some mesh for the perfect “by the water” assemble. Surf shirts with bursts of yellow and aqua. Or, how about Khaki and camouflage to blend with those sandy beaches. Blue stripes with a classic anchor logo in the perfectly cut tee. There’s even scuba inspired short and shirt sets covered in scuba gear. Choose from black or go bright in yellow.

Looking for something a little more bold? No worries with the color block shirts. Collared or tee, with or without stripes these shirts scream look at me in the best way possible. And, don’t forget to protect your head and eyes from all the sun. The spray paint hat is sure to become a summertime favorite. Who wouldn’t want a ball cap with custom artwork after all? The unique pizza or monster motif is another way to go.

For a Life On The Go

Whether you are shooting some B-Ball outside the school or cruising past those white sand beaches lined with palms, there is something in the Black Pyramid Collection for you. It’s obvious that Mr. Chris Brown has worked hard at developing his own mix of street style and high-end fashion. It will be interesting to see how this develops as a brand over time. With celebrities, like Rihanna, already embracing the new line, it is likely to travel far and wide. Chris is working to keep this line affordable, tweeting back at the beginning of the year, “My clothes are for the people. Affordable…”