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10 New Style Trends To Look Out For This Fall

“Fashion is more about feel than science.” Pharrell Williams

A new season brings a fresh start and the chance to freshen up your wardrobe. With Fall coming quickly upon us, it is a great time to dive into the coming trends and make sure you’re are looking fly and have your clothes on point. Go ahead and express yourself!

Check Out These 10 Up and Coming Fall Style Trends…

Tan Is In

We are seeing various shades of tan from khaki to beige to camel. Jackets, pants, shirts, nothing is off limits from this color phase. Black Pyramid is taking the shade and adding a classic camo pattern so you can be cool while feeling incognito. Check out this multi-layered beige tee.

Bomber Jackets

Bombers make for a great and practical addition to your wardrobe. We’re seeing bombers in every color from blue to black to, yes- tan. Throw them on with your classic blue jeans or black denim shorts to keep it super chill. We saw bombers on the runways with shorts so don’t be afraid to mix the two.

Puff Coats

While we’re on outerwear another popular choice is the puff coats or jackets. You can dress this trend up over a suit by going with a metallic sheen. Or you could stick with a matte brown for a more muted look. It’s like being in a bubble of pillowy protection.

Pink And Red

Vogue says “Real Men Wear Pink” this Fall and it is being paired with red. It’s a bold but fun and bright combo that will shake things up. From shirts to jackets to shoes, this pop of color is about to hit everywhere. Try this Color Blocked Woven Pattern in Red


The space age has come to planet earth. After all, who doesn’t want to look like a futuristic robot! You can go full force with a jacket pant set or keep it on the top with a shiny chrome-like bomber. You will be shining so bright lookers will need glasses to shade from all that hotness.

Artsy Feel

Mixed mediums meet fashion in an unexpected way. From colorful “fish scales” type patterns to sweater knits and small tassels, really anything goes here. The key is to try a garment with a variety of materials on one piece like this Souvenir Pocket Tee. Check out the shiny sleeves against a traditional base.

Kitsch It

Another way to wear art is with Kitsch style. It’s your chance to be “garish” and get away with it. Strut your stuff in obsessively patterned and printed pieces. This is not the time to hold back. Yellow, blue, purple, and green? Go ahead and Mix them all!


Ready to feel like royalty? If artsy is not really your thing and you feel more like prince charming, you’re in luck because the regal look has reached us mere mortals. Military style jackets with gold emblems or red stripes certainly level up any wardrobe. Navy with white as a nautical touch.

Track Suits

Are we reliving the 80’s? Sort of with the stylish track suits that are coming out. Athleisure has been making its way through the streets for a while. The Fall suits are a bit different adding leather decals or funky, retro patterns. Another way to wear red is with a jacket pant set.

Wild West

From horses and their horseshoes to midwestern stripes and cowhide looks. Tassels, jean overalls, and plaid. If it looks country western than it is probably being worn this season. So, grab your ripped jeans, add a plaid shirt, and get your hoedown on! If you really want to go all out, throw on your cowboy hat too.

Whether you are the artsy kind of guy, futuristic, colorful, regal, or country this season holds a bit of something for everyone. Try some new styles, mix it up, and hit the streets with your spirits high.

Black Pyramid
Black Pyramid