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From Tees To Denim - Must Have Featured Styles from Black Pyramid

Tees, jackets, denim, and hats! Black Pyramid has essential items for your wearing pleasure by bringing street art to your wardrobe. Black Pyramid fashion makes a statement. It makes a statement about who you are and your unique form of expression.

The Black Pyramid collection is built with a community of artists in fashion, music,   sports, and design in mind. It’s about global connection and personal expression. It’s a way to evolve through creative expressions.

We encourage you to explore the whole online shop to find the pieces that you connect with. But, here are some popular pieces to check out:

Mixed Stripe Tee Multi Color

Mixed Striped Tee - Black Pyramid

So little time, so many tees. Summer just would not be complete without some pops of fabulously bold color. The Mixed Stripe Tee fits the build. It’s a mood booster that you will never be tired of wearing. Yellow, orange, red, green, purple, and teal meet the classics of black and white. Pair it with some black jeans or board shorts. Or some colored ones for an even bolder look. Then hit the streets knowing you are adding color to people’s lives.

Fishtail Hooded Jacket Camo

Camo Jacket - Black Pyramid

Sometimes you just need a fly cover up to knock off the chill. Black ops meets streetwear. The Fishtail Hooded Camo Jacket has your incognito fantasies covered. And we know you have them. Pockets to store all your “black ops” supplies and a hood to keep your hair dry on those rainy days. The classic camo pattern goes with any kind of pants you want to rock. And, the inner lining will keep you just the right amount of HOT!

Ripped Knee-Hole Denim Shorts

Ripped Denim Black Shorts - Black Pyramid

Forget the uptight khakis, these black denim shorts will help you keep your cool. The distressed look is in because it helps us not take life too seriously. And these high-quality jean shorts bring the detail. Get that lived in look from the beginning with no wait time because who wants to distress their own jeans! Pair these with one of the “Out Here Ballin” tees.

Pyramid Text Hat Black

Black Flat Rimmed Hate - Black Pyramid

If you really want to go all out with the Black Pyramid collection, then you will want to sport one of the signature hats. Look fly and keep the sun out of your eyes. It’s a win-win! The stitched on details add an element of dimension to the this Pyramid Hat, or you could try our Triad version for a neon explosion. These hats are one size fits all which makes ordering a breeze.

There’s More To Explore

With a full assortment of your favorite cut-and-sew tops, bottoms, outerwear, tees, and accessories, explore the most recent offerings from Black Pyramid. The collection is always expanding, so be sure to check back often and follow the social media accounts for styling inspiration.

In the words of Chris Brown himself,

“Smile and carry on. It’ll drive your haters nuts.”

May your street style be ever on point!

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Black Pyramid
Black Pyramid