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The Rise of Chris Brown's Black Pyramid Clothing Brand

Grammy winning musical artist Chris Brown joined Pink + Dolphin founders, Cena Barhaghi and Neima Khaila, in launching his Black Pyramid line back in November of 2012. The launch happened at Pink Dolphin’s flagship store in Los Angeles. Fans lined up outside to get a first peek where Chris himself greeted fans and signed merchandise wearing a Black Pyramid t-shirt and yellow cap. He fist bumped a young fan in between signings and drew a funny character on the whiteboard before getting flashed by all the cameras. Check Out the Video Here.

Pink Dolphin had been clothing celebrities in their summer street wear for years after being founded by a high-school student in 2008. Each season, Pink Dolphin prints limited quantity logos that wearers couldn't wait to snatch up. Chris Brown was excited to add the Black Pyramid logo to their mix. Chris and the founders at Pink Dolphin became friends over a previous video collaboration with Big Sean, so it seemed like a great match. Chris said, “Doing this collab with Pink Dolphin seemed like only the right thing to do because we’ve been friends from the jump.”

Both Chris Brown and Pink Dolphin want their brands to be seen as high fashion and worn by the people. Not just reserved for the skater crowd. Pink + Dolphin’s slogan is “Legends At Our Craft.” Chris has become a legend in his own right as a musician and is sure to represent the brand fabulously. The collaboration was obvious in the first few pieces of the launch including a grey hoodie that had pink dolphins jumping out of a black pyramid. Since the 2012 first look, there have been new additions to the line. 2016, however, looks to be the year the Black Pyramid becomes a fully birthed brand with the official site officially open.

Art And Style Evolve

Brown even signed with the modeling agency Wilhelmina Modeling to further expand his brand and fashion ideals saying,

"Art and style has always played a significant role in my life -- it's evolved with me throughout my career..." Us Weekly

Chris has explained that he chose the name of his line and brand to display the mystery behind fashion. Reminiscent of the ancient wonders of the Egyptian pyramids.

“The black pyramid label is basically an unknown art. We really haven’t mastered the art of making a pyramid ourselves, like the ancient ones, so it’s kinda like an unknown art. So I think my painting, my designs, whatever I do fashion wise is unknown to a lot of people.” Chris Brown

Just like Chris’s life has evolved into fatherhood, more albums, tours, and other creative ventures, his style continues to evolve, as well. There is even an Instagram account dedicated to the subject: officialchrisbrownfashion. The official Black Pyramid account just hit over 100k followers. You can also explore the hashtag #BlackPyramid

From the color block pieces to the classic black and white, there is likely something in this expanding line for any streetwear lover. There is the Black Surf Pyramid for the beach goers along with new arrivals like the purple and pink International Wave Boys shirt.

Word On The Street aka Twitter

Chris Brown is really stepping it up with his Black Pyramid clothing line. Everything looks so dope and colorful! @Maurice5589

I want every piece of Black Pyramid clothing. @AustinBogar1

And Trill Kitty says, #BlackPyramid it's more than clothes, it's a lifestyle  ft. @chrisbrown  

And then there’s the pop up stores that have fans excited…

I just found out that @chrisbrown Will have a pop up store for  #BlackPyramid 11th june at ziggo dome @TeamBreezyNL via @PearlBrownie

Where do you think Black Pyramid Styles will go next?

Black Pyramid
Black Pyramid